Boat Building (Power & Sail), was The Heritage of the Past

Bucklers Hard Boat Builders has a renowned reputation, as a builder of custom craft and the restorer of classic yachts, notably with the Nelson range of ‘Gentlemen’s’ motor yachts and the Laurent Giles designed BH46 cruising ketch, which were all built to exacting standards for discerning owners.

The building of these fine craft by the yard began with ‘Cygnet’ a Nelson 35 that was built for Lord Montague and is still in regular use on the Beaulieu River. Over the years many other fine craft have been built, including: 

Nelson 29
‘Hart Throb’
Nelson 40’s
‘Blue Nelson’, ‘White Caps’.
Nelson 42 MkII
‘Boffer’, ‘Flightline’, ‘Lady Hamilton’, ‘Sound Logic’.
Nelson 45
‘Evening Star’.
Nelson Talisman 49
‘Blue Tiek’, ‘Marie Claire’.
Aquastar - Ocean Ranger 43.

The Nelson 42MkII was described in the August 2004 Centenary issue of Motor Boat & Yachting as the ‘Admiral of the Sea’ - Is there a more regal scene than a Nelson 42 powering along, its blue ensign - they are usually blue - fluttering majestically behind? The Nelson 42 came 14th out of 100 "Best Boats Ever", listed in that issue - that says it all about the marque.