Nordic 85NDT Kit

Brand: Wallas
Product Code: KMW85NDTKIT
2 - 3 Days
Price: £1,845.47 Ex Tax: £1,537.89

The Wallas 85 NDT - a state of the art marine cooking system.

Unlike the hazardous gas systems, the Wallas 85NDT uses diesel to power a highly responsive hob. A pre-assembled blower lid means that you can use this hob as a heater as well and is thermostatically controlled!

Imagine – being able to cook and heat on-board your boat with one single unit! 


This flat design stove has been constructed from flat aluminium profiles which protrudes  just 2 mm above the surface of the table. A red light warns if the stove is hot.

The Safeflame 85DT is a flush mounted hob that offers subtle styling that will blend in to most galleys. This hob is operated with a touch button control panel. These controls can be mounted remotely out of the reach of children. The fuel needed for this hob can be taken from the main tank. The Wallas diesel hobs are inherently safe because the flame is totally room sealed and exhausts overboard through a 28mm exhaust. The fuel consumption is so low that a 5litre tank is enough for up to 50 hours of cooking.

  • Fuel:     Diesel
  • Power:     900-1900W
  • Operating voltage:     12V
  • Fuel consumption:     0,09-0,19 l/h
  • Electricity consumption:     0,19A
  • Accessories:     Heat blower lid (+0,4A) Pot holders (ArtNo 1110)   

The kit consists of:-

  • 1 x Hob with thermostatic control (KMW85NDT) assembled with 1 x Blower lid (KMW270).
  • 1.5m exhaust tube(KMW1028).
  • 1.5m x   exhaust sleeve (KMW1030).
  • 1 x side hull fitting (KMW1066).
  • 1 x fuel suction fitting for main tank (KMW30011).